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Non-scheduled ASAP list

We need a way to keep track of those patients who don't want to make an appointment but want to be called ASAP for an opening on hygiene. Right now, all I have is a pad of paper on which I put names, phone numbers and if they want a specific day or time of day. Just seems like a printable list would make it so much easier to keep up with.

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    We scheduled all patients and put them on the ASAP list and note in the appointment notes specific wishes. We also utilize the Events to create a "post it note" on specific days such as " Bob Smith would like appointment this day, currently scheduled on (date)". We utilize the note section on the events if we need additional space to type notes. This is an efficient way for us to manage these patients rather than paper lists or sticky notes. By utilizing the tools offered by Dentrix we make them available to all staff members to help manage as needed.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    we put those patients on a Sunday at the end of the month and mark them ASAP. Are reminders don't go out for the weekends so they don't think they have an appointment then you can pull from the ASAP list or go to that Sunday

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    The broken appointments also end up on the wait/will call list so it gets very congested.
    For us we have a waiting list for NP that go on the wait/will call list. Having NP, Current PT. and Broke appts all on the same list is no sufficient in tracking.

  • Ross Office commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We schedule the patient during the time they request (even though they will be far out) and put them on the asap list that way. I just explained that I have to have them on the schedule before my system recognizes to put them on an ASAP list. Then I note in the appointment when they would like to come back. I figure this way I at least have them on the schedule in case nothing opens up. Hope this helps in the mean time!

  • Kara Bean commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Currently you can put these patients on the Wait/Will call. If you have G6.6 you can customize a list by provider therefore giving you a focused list of hygiene patients. Works great.

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