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making a child, who is now an adult, there OWN head of household

So here I go again!!!! I have a child who is now an adult coming back to the practice. Mom and Dad still have open treatment plans and perhaps a balance on their account, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the child. I cannot make this child, who is an ADULT now, their own HOH because of their parents issues. But Dentrix requires all balances be at zero and all treatment plans completed. So I either have to go in and write off (temporarily) any balances owing and remove ALL treatment plans(completed or not) so I can move this child and make her/him their own HOH and enter their own Insurance info, their own address and such. So what on earth is Dentrix thinking of when this was developed and what do you propose I do with this child? Tell the parents they will keep getting her bills until they finish that crown that was treatment planned 5 years ago? Ridiculous!!!!

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Dentrix allows a patient to be moved to their own family in the Family File from Edit | Edit Family Relations. The patient’s current family, before the move, can have a balance and the patient can have a treatment plan. The only restriction is in regard to open insurance claims. The family cannot have any open claims. To resolve this, each claim can be deleted and then re-created after the move. Or a 0.00 payment can be entered for each claim, and then after the move the 0.00 payment for each claim can be deleted.


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  • Whitney Lewis commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We have this issue too and it really is a HUGE pain in the a** to move the adult child when the parents have treatment plans out or unpaid balances. Dentrix needs to address this inconvenience to make it easier on us to move the adult child to their own account.

  • Laurene commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I never have an issue splitting the family. As long as there are no pending claims the family can be split. The special adjustments can be annoying, but with our newer families, that balances have been allocated appropriately, those adjustments are very minimal when splitting.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I had this same problem. Every month the mother of the child would call & chew me out, because the daughter was still on the account. She won't believe us that we could not seperate the account. We finally took a picture of the account saying it couldn't be split & sent it to her FYI. She won't even talk to me now when she comes in the Office.
    Thanks Dentrix.

  • mokap commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree that Dentrix handles this sort of situation horribly. Dentrix for some reason was built with hardcore rigidity and limitations within the ledger that force all sorts of illogical behavior. It is next to impossible to change heads of household and to move patients to their own accounts without incurring the dreaded set of "Special Adjustments." The only reason it seems that Special Adjustments exist is because Dentrix wasn't built to properly handle the posting of payments to the proper family members, creating all kinds of misallocations.

    Dentrix doesn't allow for splitting family members. The user who posted this is 100% correct. It is absolutely ridiculous to have to jump through hoops and make all sorts of crazy adjustments and deletions just to accomplish common family management.

    I for one am stuck with many family files that should have been split up long ago, but still exist because I don't want to litter my ledgers with those awful Special Adjustments. My work-around has been to keep family members together until I can split them, but this is not the way it should have to be. I have to print multiple statements, manually write the individual balances, send out those multiple statements (printing certain addresses that aren't the guarantor's by hand) just to get through billing. It is an utter joke.

    Dentrix simply isn't built (in certain ways) for the way people work. It would be nice to have major focus groups to hash out all of the limitations in Dentrix to get them fixed prior to adding new features. What is the point of adding new features to a program that at its foundation has many problems that never seem to get addressed?

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